This is LDNIA #4

This is LDNIA #4
4th of july crafts
Image by matthew solle
This is LDNIA #4 will be held on Wednesday 21 August 2013

Speakers and talks

Tom Armitage (@infovore) is a freelance technologist, designer and writer living and working in London. He makes tools, toys, and art out of hardware, software, and the network. He’s worked on everything from a large-scale website to aggregate UK schools data to giant, multi-part games that span a Parisian art gallery; from bridges that talk on Twitter and cities that speak over SMS to laser-cut sculptures of actors’ movement. His website is Tom Armitage and his blog is Infovore.

“The Material World”

The modern designer works with more materials than ever before. Not just tangible materials, such as the web, or desktop software, or the smartphone; also, intangible ‘immaterials’ such as data, time, radio, and the network.

To design well with materials, be they tangible or not, we need to be conversant in them, acutely aware of their capabilities. How do we develop that familiarity?

Through a process of material exploration. Not just reading the documentation or making a few drawings – but feeling their grain under your fingernails. To understand the nature of materials, you can’t just look at them. You have to play with them. Tom will, through some of his own work, look at what materials are (and can be); the value of material exploration, and how to approach it; and the value of playing with materials – the value of toymaking.


Paul Robert Lloyd (@paulrobertlloyd) is an interaction designer at Clearleft in Brighton, England where he also leads the design at web font service Fontdeck. He writes about design, travel and more on his website and maybe one day he’ll say something sensible on Twitter.

“This is for Everyone”

Graphic designers have long honed their craft to meet the specific constraints of television. As web designers begin to understand the true nature of our own medium, isn’t about time we did the same?

Host is

Albion London, 1st Floor, Tea Building, Shoreditch High Street


TICKETS available at 12pm on Wednesday 31 July 2013

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