Eye Level Opening • July 25th

Eye Level Opening • July 25th
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Victor Osborne and Jessica Grindstaff Collaboration

Headwear designer Victor Osborne and fine artist Jessica Grindstaff collaborate on hat and Eye Level gallery inside the Victor Osborne store.
Launch and gallery event: 25 July 2008
@ Victor Osborne store: 364 Leonard Street, Brooklyn
Open Bar

(Brooklyn, New York) Esteemed Headwear designer Victor Osborne will launch his designer collaboration with fine artist Jessica Grindstaff on July 25th at the Victor Osborne Showroom and shop in Brooklyn. The gallery will consist of a collaboration between the two artists, playing off of their mutual love of taxidermy, and showcase a hat made from a stingray with birds perched atop. With these two innovative artists, the unexpected is the only thing you should expect.

Eye Level Gallery and Victor Osborne are proud to present "A Forest for the Trees", Jessica Grindstaff’s first solo show which carefully gathers a collection roaming from an intriguing range of her new work to her stunning taxidermy shadow boxes, bespoke style prize ribbons, and a one of a kind collaborative millinery work. Curated by Mexican born artist Gabriela Alva Cal y Mayor, the show will highlight the combination of fine art and fashion practices that are first and foremost based on the efforts of time consuming hand work.

The show will open with a party at Eye Level gallery located within the Victor Osborne Atelier the night of July 25, 2008. Hosted by the artist along with co-owners Victor Osborne and Zachary Barnett. The opening party will bring together varied members of New York’s art and fashion scene in a blend of art, culture, and commerce. As always, the opening will encourage artistic rebellion, wild patronage, and a healthy dose of trouble. Guests to the event are invited to participate in the spirit of the show by wearing hand made clothing, taxidermy pieces, and costumes that inspire.

For more information on the collaboration, contact:

brynne@maopr.com or matt@maopr.com

About Eyelevel Gallery and Gabriela Alva Cal y Mayor:

Extending beyond the traditional roles of artist and curator, Gabriela can truly be called an art citizen. Recipient of numerous prestigious awards and titles including the Stephen Sprouse Scholarship Fund, and the BRIC Rotunda Artist of the Month, Gabriela has participated in group shows all across North America. Eye Level Gallery is a product of Ms. Mayor’s imagination and her curatorial debu

Victor Osborne is an innovative headwear designer quickly rising among the ranks with some of the loudest buzz in the industry. Best known for crafting luxurious hats for both men and women that espouses a classically chic sensibility while eschewing anything viscerally hackneyed.

Each collection is designed entirely by Victor Osborne, a FIT graduate in woman’s wear, who worked for 4 years in NYC for other designers before gaining the means to start his own line. He is just 25.

Victor Osborne Headwear supports local production, and every product is made in NYC. The storefront in Brooklyn serves as open atelier for design as well as a showroom for wholesale buyers and retail sales. It is also the location for the Eye Level art gallery. The open format workshop allows shoppers and buyers to watch the hats being designed and crafted, creating a strong tie between the designers, the trade and the customer.

Victor Osborne hats are currently sold in over 15 locations in North America, Japan, and Europe. Most recently, the collection has been picked up by Barney’s Co-op nationwide.

Jessica Grindstaff is a NYC-based artist who has had numerous gallery showings in the NY area over the past ten years. She has also worked as an amateur entomologist, taught at an anarchist art school in Denmark, produced large-scale photo shoots, and most recently created a jewelry line of prize ribbons and medals.

Previously known for making haunting and meticulously constructed music box dioramas as well as wax and chalkboard paintings, Jessica recently branched out into the position of designer on two prominent new works of art.

In Fall 2006, Jessica completed the case artwork for the National Book Award nominee Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski and was the art director and interior set designer for the much acclaimed marionette play, The Fortune Teller by Erik Sanko. In the spring of 2007, she was a contributing artist to Ulrike Quade’s The Wall performed at MASS MoCA, which she will tour with this fall in the Netherlands. In October 2007 she designed sets for the Kronos Quartet/Sanko collaboration, Dear Mme., at B.A.M. opening the 25th Anniversary of the Next Wave Festival as well as completing a set design for the play Speaking in Tongues produced by Crossways in Copenhagen.

Currently she designs a set for Ping Chong Company’s The Devil and Daniel Webster and is in the preliminary stages of two new collaborations with Erik Sanko under the umbrella of their newly formed company, Phantom Limb. The first, a moving installation of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his journey to Antarctica and a new puppet piece on the tales of the Fortune Teller written by Lemony Snicket.